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Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in Snack | 0 comments

High Protein Snack Wrap

High Protein Snack Wraps are a convenient afternoon snack giving you a boost of protein to carry you to dinner time and keep your metabolism churning while warding off the infamous 2pm crash.

High Protein Snack Wrap by Freshly Cut Kitchen 

Happy Sunday and a wonderful Sunday at that. The Husband, pup, and myself went on a hiking adventure today at Ledges State Park and let me tell you, it was an absolutely beautiful day for a hike! It was the first time taking our little fluffy pup (he is so overdue for a haircut) on a hike and he had a blast. We were all a bit overdue for some much needed fresh air, peace and quiet, and change of scenery.

Ledges State Park 

Are you a snacker? I’m a huge snacker. I usually don’t go more than 3-4 hours without eating something. If I don’t…I get hangry. Plus, snacking throughout the day keeps your metabolism in high gear providing you with more energy and keeps you from going home after a long day at the office and eating everything in sight. You know what I’m talking about, walking in the house and grabbing handfuls of this and that before you even start dinner? Kind of like how I did with Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels last week. 🙂 So good!

Snack time is a perfect excuse to get out of your chair for you fellow 9 to 5 desk jockeys like me. I enjoy snack time so much that I usually have a morning and afternoon snack. I’m dedicated, what can I say. An ideal snack for me includes a decent amount of protein with a small amount of carb and fat to keep me full but low in sugar to keep me from going on a sugar crash. One of my favorite morning snacks usually includes a banana oatmeal zucchini bar or a leftover banana walnut protein pancake. They pair nicely with that 10 AM cup of joe.

I usually try to keep my afternoon snacks on the savory side which is why these High Protein Snack wraps are a perfect fit.

Smart & Delicious Mini Wrap

This recipe really isn’t anything big. But the idea itself is brilliant…of course I’m biased and all. 😉 I found these mini tortillas in the health section at Hy-Vee (local grocer) and couldn’t be happier with the ingredient label, nutrition facts, and their perfect size. Just big enough to hold the essentials, but small enough as to not be lunch sized.


Have you ever bought pepitas before? If not, hop on it! I love these nutty little seeds sometimes referred to as pumpkin seeds. They are the green little seed found inside the larger white-ish pumpkin shell you might be more familiar with. They are very versatile too which is always a win. Toss them on a salad, a wrap, in homemade granola bars, atop cereal, as a garnish on soup, you name it.

High Protein Snack Wrap is a great quick make ahead snack by Freshly Cut Kitchen 

I like to make these High Protein Snack Wraps the night before; wrap them up in saran wrap; enjoy the next afternoon at work. Simple as that.

High Protein Snack Wrap 

The thought behind this one is that the spinach protects the tortilla from the pop of tomato juices keeping it from getting soggy in the fridge. Practically scientific, I know. I actually think these wraps are better after they sit pre-made in the fridge overnight. Something about the flavors having a little party while they hang out for a few hours. 

So what makes these wraps such a good snack and a healthy one at that? 

  • Wrap – low carb and multi-grain nutrients
  • Hummus (I like Sabra’s pine nut flavor)- protein
  • Spinach – greeeeens, points for eating your greens!
  • Cheese – (I used havarti) healthy fats
  • Meat – (I used shaved buffalo chicken breast) lean protein
  • Tomatoes – gotta eat your veggies
  • Pepitas – protein and healthy fats

High Protein Snack Wrap is a great make-ahead and portable snack by Freshly Cut Kitchen 

Did I mention these wraps are convenient? You can grab one of these wraps on your way to your next meeting, on your way out the door, you name it. Slowly peel back the plastic as you eat it so you don’t lose any precious pepitas. 

You could also use larger wraps with more ingredients to make a full size lunch version with the same convenience and protein punch.

Are you a religious snacker? What’s your favorite afternoon snack?


High Protein Snack Wrap


  • 1 mini tortilla
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp. hummus
  • Small handful of spinach
  • 1/2 slice havarti cheese
  • Deli meat of choice, I used buffalo chicken
  • 4 grape tomatoes sliced in half
  • Pepitas
  • Pepper to taste


  1. Assemble wrap in order of ingredients listed above.
  2. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator overnight for best results.
  3. Enjoy by gradually unwrapping plastic as you eat it to hold ingredients together.

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