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About Me

Welcome to Freshly Cut Kitchen! My name is Holly and I have a passion for making wholesome food that features mostly fresh unprocessed ingredients, is nutrient dense, and full of flavor for my family and friends.

Blogger behind Freshly Cut Kitchen

I am a former CPA/Accountant who has ventured my way into the Technology industry where I now work the 9 to 5 as a Project Manager and couldn’t be happier. I wanted to start a blog as a creative outlet that allows me to share my everyday recipes with the hope that I will inspire people to love and appreciate healthy food as much as I do. Some people are extreme coupon-ers, I on the other hand am an extreme meal planner. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy meal planning and it makes eating healthier with out losing our minds so much easier.

If I’m not in the kitchen, I’m probably at CrossFit with my husband. Yep, drank that kool-aid in August 2014 and it has become a major part of our lives. As a non-athlete and a kid who dreaded gym class, like cried about gym class on numerous occasions kind of dread, I have found my true passion for exercise at CrossFit.

Let me introduce you to the man I get to call my Husband:


My hubby is a man of many passions from gardening, exploring nature, playing the guitar, and woodworking. The Hubs is a fantastic cook himself and is a huge inspiration to me in the kitchen and in life. He is currently pursuing his passion of helping people and is entering his last year of Podiatry School. Being a Med-student is a full-time job and then some; he has a full plate but has taught me what it means to live a balanced life. Plus, he is a trooper for trying my latest creations and is willing to eat just about anything that I come up with. Plus, he’s a wonderful fur-dad.

If you enjoy pictures of puppies, you have come to the right place as my “Kitchen Clean Up Crew” is quite the star in our house. Meet Ramsey. The love of our life, constant entertainer, ‘first born’ and 5 lb little furbaby.

Maltipoo Furbaby

Ramsey first stole our hearts in February 2013 when he joined our family. He enjoys long walks on the beach, playing Frisbee, studying with the Hubs, greeting EVERYONE with a wagging tail and lots of puppy kisses. His favorite chores – cleaning up all the crumbs off the floor and licking the almond butter knives in the dishwasher. What can I say, I’m a messy cook!

I hope that you enjoy the blog and find inspiration to try a new recipe, try a “new to you” food, and find inspiration to not just eat food, but to eat food that is healthy, delicious, and balanced. Yes, balanced does include dark chocolate! Thanks for stopping by!

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